Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sore Arms Wednesday

I couldn't get out of bed Wednesday morning.  I was so tired.  Went to work, and made it through.

When I got home we only had the youngest boy with us.  The oldest two where at the lake tubing for their young men/young women activity.  The younger daughter was at my in-law's for piano lessons.  We decided to go grocery shopping because we are so exciting.  We also got some dinner.

My wife had been to a meeting at the youngest's new school.  We're both excited for him to start. He will be going 5 1/2 hours a day to an autism school.  The meeting was just about policy and procedures.  They have an open house for his school tomorrow.

Had a good night at the gym last night. It was arms day.  Pretty typical workout, three different sets of exercises focusing on bicep, triceps and delts.  The one change was a new triceps exercise using the pull-up bars.

We put them on the lowest setting, and then bent with our heads under the bar. You then simply do an arm extension. These seem really simple at first, but after about 10 your arms are tired.  I'm feeling it in my triceps today.

I also felt good because there was only one other person at the gym, and she was new.  She was fairly fit, but I was able to outwork her easily. I was an entire cycle in front of her at the end of the workout, including a run.

When I got home the oldest two still weren't there.  The finally turned up just after 10:00 p.m.  One of the boats had run out of gas, and they had to go and tow it back in.  They had a great time.  Pretty good day.

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