Friday, June 24, 2011

Shoes from the train

Not sure where you pick these up, but everyone needs some Porky Pig high tops. The back even says, "That's all folks."

Friday, June 10, 2011

"New" Dutch Door

Well I didn't get to the gym last night, but I had a lot to do. First, we had to pick up a new bed for our youngest. He slept on it about half the night, then came and jumped in bed with us. But half a night is better than the whole thing.

I also took his door off, and chopped it in half.

Now it might seem weird to cut a door in half, but I have transformed it into a dutch door, one that you can open the top or bottom independently (I always think of the library door at your local LDS meetinghouse.)

This way we can put him in his room if he is throwing a fit, and we can still keep an eye on him. The occupational therapist (OT) thinks this is a good idea. I'll post a completed picture later tonight. I still have to paint it.

Basically, I took his door, and cut it with my circular saw. Then I ripped a 2x4 down to create new blocking for the inside of the door, since it is a hollow core. I glued the new blocking inside the door. I then took a 2x6, and make a little shelf for the top of the lower half. Add a slide locking mechanism so the door will still move as one unit, and viola, a dutch door.

I also made a soccer ball rebounder (I know that's not a real word) for my oldest. He's been excited for soccer, and this will help him a lot. Basically it is four pieces of 2x10 that are made into a slab with some stretchers across the back. You then add two hinged legs, with a brace between them, on the back. You can adjust how the ball rebounds to you by varying the angle the wall sits at. If you lean it back, it pops the ball up into the air. If you have it sit perpendicular to the ground, it gives you a nice low pass. We'll see how that works.

That's enough for today. Tomorrow we are having a special class at the gym on toning your arms, followed by free "Green Smoothies". Love them. Come check it out, Saturdays are always free at Firehouse Fitness. 1410 South 600 West, Woods Cross, UT.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long time no post

Sorry it's been so long. I've been very busy, and very tired, so I've neglected the blog.

We had soccer tryouts a few weeks back. The team is looking really good. We have lost a couple of quality players, but we've also picked a few up. We'll also have the assistance of Coach Chuck, one of the kids dads. He played a lot, and the kids love him. I'm excited for the extra help.

Still going to the gym, and the weight-loss continues. This morning I decided to wear my suit pants, which I only normally wear to church. I haven't worn my suit for a little while, it's been hot, so only the shirt sleeves. As I walked to the train, I noticed that my pants would not stay up. This is very annoying at 7:10 in the morning when I'm still waking up. I got to work, and had to add an additional hole in my belt (as seen below.) Luckily I had my pocket knife to make said hole.

I was going to take a picture of my belt attached around my waist, but I didn't want to look like Anthony Wiener.

Now my pants are staying up, but I have a weird looking, out of place pleat on the front of my pants where I had to fold my pants so the front didn't stick straight out.

Yesterday, the wife did some weeding in the front planter boxes, and got some new flowers in. I'll post some pics later. Tonight we'll get the garden in.